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Covenant Arts

Throughout our building you will see the talents and the offerings of past and current members in the form of artistic expression.  Wood carvings, charcoal drawings, quilts, banners, and stained glass help tell the story of who we are and from where we have come from.

Below you will find a sample of our artistic history and the story behind the creation.    

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Journey to Jericho

Piece: "Journey to Jericho"
Artist: Jim Dupont
Location: Main entry to Sanctuary

This piece was inspired by a quilt Bible study class in 1996.

Vine and Branches

Piece: "Vine and Branches"
Artist: Jim Dupont
Location: Narthex outside of Kitchen

Carved in 2001 during the Sunday morning sermons, this carving helped supplement a Lenten sermon series based on John 15:5 which reads "I am the vine.  You are the branches."

Jesus Enters the City

Piece: Jesus Enters City on Palm Sunday
Artist: Joy Osborne
Location: Meeting Room 2 (room 105)

Creation Banner

Piece: Creation Banners
Artist: Jean Krill
Date: 1983
Location: Back wall of Sanctuary

These seven batik panels represent the seven days of creation.  They were designed and made for the dedication of our church in 1983.

Creation Banner

Piece: The Wall Behind the Altar
Maurice K. Dallas
Date: 1983
Location: Chancel


The seven doves represent the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit.  One dove is in front of all of the others.  This dove represents the greatest gift: the gift of love.

The symbol of the Jerusalem cross is one large cross with four small crosses between the arms.  The total of five crosses symbolize the five wounds of the Lord.  The four small crosses represent the gospel of Jesus Christ being spread to the four corners of the Earth.


Creation Banner

Piece: Wedding Banner
Artist: Designed by Joy Osborn
Date: 1983
Location: Sanctuary for weddings held at Covenant

Two wedding rings hang in the center of the banner.  The ribbons of life become entwined when meeting at the rings, representing marriage.  The knots in the ribbons represent the difficult times in life.  The roses represent the highlights.  The doves stitched into the guard panels repeat the motif from the brick wall behind the altar.

Creation Banner

Piece: Easter Banners
Artist: Designed by Joy Osborn
Sanctuary from Easter until Pentecost

The three panels symbolize the Holy Trinity.  The Easter lilies represent everlasting life.

Creation Banner

Piece: Cross
Date: 1983 (Restored 2005)
Location: Exterior, East Side

The cross was refinished in time for the 25th anniversary celebration at Covenant.  It was done in memory and in honor of Donna Doden and Larry Givens.


Creation Banner

Piece: Wooden Dove in Circle
Artist: Jim Dupont
Flower Garden by Sanctuary Door


Creation Banner


Piece: Music Banner
Artist: Designed by Joy Osborn, constructed by Gloria DeCook, Jean Krill, and Joy Osborn
Date: 1997
Above Organ in Sanctuary

Inspired by Barb Krick, organist, and Judy King, former choir director, and their wonderful talent and faithful dedication to our musical worship.

This banner hangs permanently in the choir loft as a memorial to Robert E. Haynes and to honor all those who share their musical talents with Covenant.


Creation Banner

Piece: Stained Glass Panel
Artist: Designed by Joy Osborn, constructed by Judy Wire of Great Panes Glass
Date: 1999
Location: Rear
Wall of Sanctuary

The rainbow represents Covenant.  This symbol has been used since the founding of our church.  The large dove with the olive branch represents the dove that Noah released from the ark after the flood.  The smaller doves represent people reaching out for God.  They are on different life paths and are on different levels in their search but they are all searching for God.

Creation Banner

Piece: Sanctuary Doors with Stained Glass
Artist: Designed by Jean Krill, constructed by Judy Wire of Great Panes Glass
Date: 1999
Location: Main Door to Sanctuary

The three interlocking circles form a Triquetra, a symbol of the Trinity.  The two outer concentric rings represent our world and God's world.