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Covenant is a praying church. Every week during worship we pray for those who request prayer for themselves, their families, and friends. The Staff, Prayer Ministry and Email Prayer Teams continue to pray throughout the week.

If you would like our community and others who visit our website to pray for you, fill out the form below.

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Remember, this is a public prayer board and anyone can read these posts. More people will pray for your requests on this public site, but you are reminded to exercise caution in disclosing last names and what you mention concerning illness related issues.

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Current Prayer Requests


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Current Prayer Requests

  • help at work and witnessing

    I was saved in the Covenant Church years ago, and now I teach English to kids in S. Korea
    and I want to ask for prayer. Please pray I have favor with the kids I teach, their parents,
    my boss, and also a good relationship with them. Also, that I can revive as a Christian,
    and overcome my reluctance to witness of Jesus during my spare time. I am sure its
    God's will for me to witness during my spare time. Thanks.

  • My relationship

    I pray that in this time of weakness you will help me and my boyfriends Jaden’s relationship grow strong again and even stronger. Let him love me and be with me forever. Please. I am extremely desperate to have my prayer answered. Amen.

  • baby Oliver

    A good friend asked me to ask my church family to pray for a new great grandson, Oliver. He is 4 weeks old and 6 Lbs (!)
    and was just (not at birth) diagnoses with a serious heart problem. He was rushed to RILEY Hospital for emergency surgery. His great grandma's name is Nita. Thank you.

  • Salvation and Deliverance for Paola

    Please pray for the salvation, deliverance and emotional healing of Paola in Miami.
    Pray also that the Lord brings Spirit filled Christian friends into her life and God enables her to walk away from ungodly company.

  • job and witnessing

    I'm a Christian and I got saved years ago after attending the Covenant Church for a while. Now I work full time teaching ESL in another country to kids. I need God's help to get an extra job on Saturday (between 5-8 hours). I am in debt and don't mind the extra work. Some English teachers are mistreated and don't get paid here. Asking for prayer my 2nd job will be a good environment where things are done in a logical way, people on staff will have a good heart toward me, where I won't get cheated, and where God knows I can succeed. I have to teach middle school, high school or adults in my 2nd job. I can't teach elementary school kids because my boss at my current FT job is not comfortable with me doing so since I already teach elementary school kids there and since they are private education institutions, kids might leave one for the other. I need my current boss to sign a form I have to turn into immigration here to get permission from the government to add a 2nd job to my visa. Also, I used to witness of Jesus a lot, but I haven't been doing that much lately. Paul said, "Woe to me if I don't preach the gospel." Love is a better reason than woe, but please pray God will help me get back into witnessing during my spare time. I feel shy about doing it. Thanks.