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Covenant is a praying church. Every week during worship we pray for those who request prayer for themselves, their families, and friends. The Staff, Prayer Ministry and Email Prayer Teams continue to pray throughout the week.

If you would like our community and others who visit our website to pray for you, fill out the form below.

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Remember, this is a public prayer board and anyone can read these posts. More people will pray for your requests on this public site, but you are reminded to exercise caution in disclosing last names and what you mention concerning illness related issues.

Inappropriate posts will be edited or deleted. Absolutely no solicitation for funds is allowed.

Current Prayer Requests


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Current Prayer Requests

  • prayer

    Not to lost my job in the Administration Wing to preach the gospel.

  • Friend, Thelma Hill

    I have been friends with Thelma and her husband for almost 30 years. She is 95 years old and had a stroke this morning. She is at Parkview Randvallia but cannot have visitors. She told me the last time I visited her that she is ready to go. She has been home bound for a while. Her husband is still at home and their children are caring for them. Please pray for comfort for both Thelma and her husband Al and for Gods will. While I don't want to lose her, I also understand her feelings and have to put this in God's hands.

  • F

    Pray for me

  • Please pray for long distance relationship

    Please support me in prayer for RECONCILIATION with LJUBO, for our NEW BEGINNING.. that he REMEMBERS LONG LOVE WITH me... That he shows his FEELINGS, that GOD work out peace between us, healing our hurts,THAT WE START AGAIN and continue OUR WAY TOGETHER and officially get married!
    Your sister in Christ, Katarina from Belgrade in Serbia

  • marriage

    Hello I am 41 and God put in my heart such a powerful desire and longing for a Godly husband and to carry children to term. My age has caused such great anxiety in my life. Your prayers for me to keep my eyes on the Lord and to do his will would mean so much to me.

  • Healing

    Pray for,me,to get,into,the bible pray for guidance for me and pray for me to be refilled up , and pray the best places for me to know the best places to serve at and pray ,for,my,health and for my friends and the poor people in Colorado and for my family pray Miriam she wants to get her kid back I dont know what will happen, she said she was going to court for custody she wanted me to pray she gets her kid back but you pray however you are led to, I have known her for nearly two years and she has been sober and pray for steve and the aother Jesse and josh pray for my family and for extended family and,for there marriages and pray for the Taj Mahal restaurant people so,they get,saved and pray for Sweden and,for,Isis. And for aour government in,the USA and,for,north Korea and also pray for Sudan Ethiopia and Somalia and for,ireland, thanks and pray for anyone I have hurt in the past and,for boulder and for a guy and,a girl that I met , I don't know there names but pray they arent mad at me and so,things go well for them thanks. Pray for the church to do well in brighton and pray for turkey and for the states f Florida and Alabama and for all the atheist groups in the United States and for any cults in,the united states and for any satanic religious groups in the United States and also pray for the Mormons and jehovaas witnesses and for the gay and lesbians in the us last thing is pray for my relationships especially with a guy named Chris. thanks

  • ...

    Confidential: Please pray for me and my family each one us betwen each other,,,for deliverance..and save..restore fix what satans enemies have stolen and destroyed..

  • miracles for reconcilitation

    please intervene God. I'm hurt inside, please pray for Damianus and me. I have been waiting for reconciliation and peace for me and him, I have been struggling with pain for the past 4 years. I know You knows my pain God, You always know what was happened because You see everything a most hidden corner, Father you say, knock and the door will be opened to you. I come with a broken heart, I feel hopeless and emptyness. i depend on you and still hope, please pity me Father, please soften and touch Damianus heart for me. I can't touch his heart, i know that prayer is a powerful thing. only God can change people's hearts. please help me face things that are beyond my capabilities. because God, You have power to help me. and if You don't want this reconciliation to happen, please give me strength to overcome the bitterness. Teach me how to remain grateful when the hardest one, teach me to love You more than anything. I really need a miracle, thank you

  • God love us

    Please pray for our marriages to be JEHOVAH's. Please make us all you love us to be. May we find peace with JEHOVAH. Whatever is on Elohim's heart please love us with.