Interested in joining Covenant UMC?

There are some simple steps to become a part of our church family.

  1. Make sure you have registered (on a Connection Card attached to the bulletin) so we have your information.  Here is our online Connection Card.
  2. Join in a Coffee with the Pastors - An informal time for questions, conversation, and getting to know our pastors and staff.
    1. 2024 Sessions:
      1. May 19: 11:30 AM
      2. September 15: 11:30 AM
      3. October 27: 11:30 AM
  3. Participate in our Discovering Membership class. We hold these throughout the year generally on a Sunday following our Connection Service. Register Here for the next Class.
    1. 2024 Sessions:
      1. June 2: 11:30 AM
      2. August 25: 11:30 AM
      3. November 10: 11:30 AM
  4. Commit to our Membership Covenant (see below). This Covenant is also our commitment to help you grow in discipleship.
  5. Be Baptized. If you have never been baptized, we offer baptism for persons of all ages. If you've been baptized by another Church, we recognize and honor that commitment you or your parents made on your behalf.
  6. Attend our New Member Day on a scheduled Sunday so you can be recognized and welcomed by our congregation.

If you have questions, please contact one of the Pastors.


United Methodist Membership Covenant:

  • Prayers – A promise to pray for the church, its members, its needs.
  • Presence – It is expected that all members worship every week whenever possible either at Covenant UMC, our Online Campus, or at some other place of worship when traveling. 
  • Gifts – It is expected that all members give in proportion to their income. (The tithe, or 10%, is the biblical standard.)
  • Service – It is expected of all members to serve the church with their skills, talents, and spiritual gifts regularly.
  • Witness – It is the task of all Christians to share the story of their lives with others.